James Beard-nominated Table X creates modern American cuisine with ingredients from its onsite garden.

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Written By Austen Diamond


Hand-thrown earthenware plates serve as blank canvases for Mike Blocher và Nick Fahs’ always-evolving thực đơn at Table X.

Nightly, the duo, chefs and co-owners, adorn these plates with hyper-seasonal modern American cuisine. Their dishes are intricate, edible artwork. Thực đơn descriptions read like poems, detailed with descriptions of garden-fresh vegetables grown on site.

The ingredients in each of the flavorful concoctions are enticing, prepared with culinary refinement. Confit celeriac, beet molasses, lemon verbena mascarpone, coconut-curried leeks, winter squash nage, smoked sunchoke — the danh mục goes on.

“You get to lớn a point as a chef where, really, the only thing that matters is the chất lượng of the ingredients,” Fahs says. “We want lớn showcase the best product we can get. Và by growing it, we ensure that.”

"Menu descriptions read lượt thích poems, detailed with descriptions of garden-fresh vegetables grown on site. "

Chef Mike Blocher builds pork broth with delicately cooked fungi sourced from Intermountain Gourmet Mushrooms.

Photo: Austen Diamond

Photo: Austen Diamond

Located in the quiet Salt Lake city neighborhood of Millcreek, Table X is buzzy và hip. A dining room with tall vaulted ceilings gives way lớn cozy leather booths & chic interior design that feels both intimate & spacious. The chefs’ culinary excellence in action takes center stage with an open kitchen concept.

Tucked behind the bustling kitchen is the garden dining room, with its long 16-person table, a golden X embossed on the top. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide views of a French kitchen garden, a potager, with 13 raised beds.

During peak growing season, about 70 percent of the produce Table X uses comes from this garden. That’s some 1,000 pounds of vegetables annually, but not necessarily your run-of-the-mill zucchini or corn. The restaurant’s full-time gardener, Gwen Orchard, grows interesting produce khổng lồ dazzle patrons’ palettes and ignite the chefs’ imaginations.

“We focus on growing quality produce,” says Blocher, pointing out a red mountain spinach, then currant bushes, cardoons, spruce tips, hibiscus and hop vines. The two joke that they’re chefs with a garden, not gardeners who chef.

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“We work with what’s available, when it is available,” Blocher says. “With that, we create our own limitations và that makes us better chefs và adds value khổng lồ the customers.”

As such, dining at Table X offers a totally different flavor journey in various seasons. February’s palette is rich & hearty, while August is imbued with fresh, fragrant vegetables.

“We have the garden lớn spur our creative drive,” Fahs says. “If you have access to lớn fresh ingredients coming out of the ground, it’s lượt thích a playground.”