Bulk carriers are being built ever-larger, making structural integrity, environmental compliance & efficiency top priorities for ship owners and operators.

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Bulk carriers are among the most put-upon vessels on the seas. With their increased kích cỡ and loading capability, structural integrity is key to longevity for safe bulkers, including Newcastlemax and Valemax sized vessels. Carrying bulk cargo can pose significant risks to a vessel, due khổng lồ cargo shifting, corrosive properties or liquefaction, and/or poor loading procedures. Bulk carrier owners are also seeking eco-friendly designs that improve energy efficiency and fuel performance while complying with regulations. 

HOW WE tư vấn YOU

Bureau Veritas is a leading classification society for bulk carriers. Our longstanding experience & worldwide presence enable us to support your compliance with international safety standards for both new buildings and bulk carriers in-service.


SUPPORT FOR SAFE BULKERS WHERE YOU NEED ITBureau Veritas maintains an extensive network of engineers, surveyors, & classification experts around the world, available wherever your vessel requires. Our riding surveys bring a surveyor onboard during a voyage, enabling you lớn cut time spent in port.


SOFTWARE to COMPLY WITH CSR-HBureau Veritas’ top-rated software addresses structural issues from a vessel’s first design lớn its final voyage. Our Veristar Hull technology builds a 3d finite element model of your vessel, và our MARS software assesses the scantlings and critical members along the length of a ship, detecting fatigue at the earliest possible stage. CLASSIFICATION to COMPLY WITH CSR-H: NR606 COMMON STRUCTURAL RULES FOR BULK CARRIERS and OIL TANKERS


DOUBLE HULL BULK CARRIER EXPERTISEMany owners today choose double hull bulk carrier designs that offer improved cargo containment safety, increased stability và the reduction of damage from grabs. Transverse frames and longitudinal stiffeners running along the ship’s length strengthen the space between the outer & inner skin, while stringers divide the double hull space into multiple wing tanks. Bureau Veritas’ expertise in kiến thiết of ship hull structures, including double hull bulk carrier designs, ensures ship stability và bulk carrier safety.

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EXPERTISE IN ECO- and SUPER ECO BULKERSEco-bulk carriers are growing in popularity as owners seek to lớn minimize fuel consumption. Our state-of-the-art proprietary tools enable us to lớn evaluate và optimize your vessel’s hull, appendages, và energy saving devices, along with the vessel’s energy model.


ADDRESSING LIQUEFACTION RISKBureau Veritas has developed specific documentation & tools to comply with IMSBC guidelines regarding bulk cargo liquefaction. These standards and operational procedures help prevent cargo loss and structural damage due lớn chemical hazards. We can assess & certify your vessel, ensuring your cargo arrives safely.READ OUR TECHNICAL GUIDE: REDUCING THE RISK OF LIQUEFACTION

MONITORING YOUR FUEL QUALITYBacked by Bureau Veritas’ global network of oil và petrochemicals testing laboratories, Verifuel’s comprehensive monitoring program tests residual và distillate fuel quality. We can then issue expert opinions on fuel management, ensuring your vessel’s compliance with current & future regulations including IMO 2020 and improving fuel efficiency.ACCESS VERIFUEL PORTAL

LEADER IN SALVAGEIn case of incident, Bureau Veritas’ subsidiary TMC Marine has considerable experience with marine salvage and wreck removal operations. Our tracking systems và fast intervention help us salvage vessels quickly & cleanly, mitigating environmental damage và cargo loss.VISIT TMC MARINE WEBSITE