At times, we forget the screen lock password of the Samsung device and are unable khổng lồ use the device. Khổng lồ access the services, we might need to lớn remove the screen lock password we used. Bypassing the screen lock would be the ideal solution when we have access to a Google account. But what if we don’t have access to lớn a Google account? As a solution for this, we bring you the recommended bypass any Samsung Google trương mục lock APK free download methods, which will make your life easy.

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Everything You Need khổng lồ Know about Samsung Bypass FRP APK

FRP lock is a security feature introduced lớn protect the data on the Samsung device from unauthorized access in case the user loses the phone. This was introduced with the release of apk 5.1 và higher. When someone resets the phone, the FRP lock activates automatically, and to unlock the device; users need to lớn use Google account credentials. To turn off the factory reset protection, removing the Google account from the device would help.

Sometimes, when users buy a second-hand phone locked khổng lồ the previous owner or forget the access to lớn the Google account, accessing the device is denied due khổng lồ the FRP lock. In this scenario, users need to tải về a Samsung FRP unlock app android to remove the Google account & get access back. Samsung FRP bypass app android is an android application developed to lớn unlock Google accounts in different models of the Samsung device.

Full Guide of Samsung FRP Bypass without PC

Users who don’t have a PC to run the bypassing software can use the FRP bypass apk Samsung tải về method khổng lồ bypass the Google account & get access khổng lồ the device. To follow this guide, first, you need some prerequisites, which we will discuss below. Bypass any Samsung Google account lock.apk tải về is a tool you can use when a user forgets the Google tài khoản credentials, và this tool can be used even for LG devices.

1. What vì chưng you need to prepare?

OTG: lớn establish the connection between the USB drive và the Samsung device. We use this medium to lớn transfer the app android between the USB drive and the device.USB device: to store the downloaded app android file.FRP unlock APK: apk that we use to lớn bypass the FRP lock.

Note:Please confirm the android OS version running on your device and tải về the suitable game android version.

2. How khổng lồ bypass FRP on Samsung?

Step 1: to start with, Copy the downloaded apk file into the USB drive.

Step 2: to lớn use the app android file from the apk device, use an OTG cable và connect the USB drive and the apk phone.

Step 3: Launch the apk using the file manager phầm mềm after connecting.

Step 4: Next, you can go khổng lồ the Settings app & tap on the Backup & Reset option from the list.

Step 5: Tap on the Factory Data Reset option followed by Erase Everything button. This will erase all the data available on the phone.

Step 6: Finally, the device will reboot automatically, & if not, do a restart to complete the process. Once restarted, you will create a new Google tài khoản on the device.

Bypass Any Samsung Google tài khoản Lock without APK

There are different APKs to bypass FRP lock on the Samsung device. But some of them are not safe lớn use & not recommended. As an alternative khổng lồ Samsung bypassing Google verify.APK download free tool, has introduced software that users can use lớn bypass Samsung FRP lock with ease. UnlockGo (Android) is a great tool available to lớn remove all Samsung Google FRP lock on app android 5-12. If you are tired to search and tải về unsafe APK, UnlockGo apk would be the ideal solution.

UnlockGo (Android) – 3 Min Remove Google FRP Lock

One-click bypass Samsung FRP lock No complex steps for non-techies Unlock Samsung screen lock without data loss Protect your PC, completely safe to lớn use Allows for customized plans

Bypass FRP on Samsung without any APK

Step 1: Connect Samsung device to lớn PC

Open the installed UnlockGo(Android) in your PC và connect the Samsung device lớn the PC using the USB cable. Then click on the Remove Google Lock (FRP) option.


Step 2: Select the 2022 new FRP bypass method

Click on the Start button khổng lồ confirm the Google Lock removal on the next screen. Then select the first option works well on all Samsung models.


Step 3: Prepare for FRP bypass

In this step, you will be guided khổng lồ enable USB debugging. Vì chưng not disconnect the device until the over of the process.

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Step 4: Remove Google lock completely

Your Samsung will be rebooted when you give your computer permission. After that, you will be able lớn get into your phone directly.



On the above, we show you how khổng lồ bypass any Samsung Google account lock using free-download APK. But some are not safe, so we show you another easier solution – UnlockGo (Android), one of the highly-rated software khổng lồ bypass Google FRP lock in 3 minutes. The steps are straightforward. Haven’t you tried it yet? Install it and give it a try today!