C2’s industry-leading, full-service, hcm solutions provide clients with tailored, scalable, and strategic HR services to effectively manage their workforce.

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Payroll & Tax Administration

C2 provides accuracy and expertise, combined with a high cấp độ of flexibility


Federal Contractor Services

C2 provides guidance as it relates to applicable federal, state và local laws


Why Outsource with C2?

Businesses that outsource HR grow faster, achieve higher profitability, experience lower turnover, & foster happier employees. Stay focused on your business. C2 will, too.

Increased Revenue

70% of businesses that outsourced HR reported a 70% increase in revenue, growing at nearly twice the rate of non-outsourcing businesses

Increased Profitability

66% of businesses that outsourced HR reported an increase in profits. Small business failure rate was một nửa lower.

Improved Retention

Businesses that outsourced HR experienced 14%lowerturnover. Employee satisfaction and engagement improved by 10%.

Cost Savings

A 21% cost-savings was reported by companies that outsourced HR. A whopping 98% would recommend outsourcing HR lớn other business owners.


What is a PEO?

Professional Employer Organization

C2 has championed small businesses for over two decades. We achieve this by providing a full range of critical services – from organizational development and change management consulting, khổng lồ recruiting, payroll, employee relations, benefits and regulatory compliance. Our proven approach is both seamless and transparent.

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What is an ASO?

Administrative Services Organization

C2 Platinum Inc.’s Administrative Services Organization (ASO) offers a transformative sản phẩm that delivers company-wide HR tư vấn to businesses both large và small. Our ASO assumes three or more pivotal HR processes on behalf of clients, such as regulatory compliance, payroll, & benefits administration to ensure effective HR operational support. Our ASO products allow clients lớn eliminate certain transactional, repetitive, and other critically important HR tasks.