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Bài Viết: Contradict là gì

Từ điển Việt Anh Việt 4in1 – English Vietnamese 4 in 1 Dictionary

Bạn đang xem: Contradict là gì


contradict con‧tradict AC /ˌkɒntrəˈdɪkt $ ˌkɑːn-/ BrE AmE verb 1. to disagree with something, especially by saying that the opposite is true: Deborah opened her mouth to contradict, but closed it again. Dad just can’t bear to be contradicted. The article flatly contradicts their claims.

2. if one statement, story etc contradicts another, the facts in it are different so that both statements cannot be true: The witness statements contradict each other và the facts remain unclear. 3. contradict yourself to say something that is the opposite of what you said before: Within five minutes he had contradicted himself twice.contradicthu◎※động từ ■mâu thuẫn với, trái với the statements of the witnesses contradict each other lời khai của những nhân chứng mâu thuẫn nhau ■cãi lại, phủ nhận to contradict a statement phủ nhận lời tuyên bố

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Bài Viết: Contradict Là Gì – Contradicted Là Gì

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