Dragon Ball: Tap Battle không tính tiền Download game android For Android is a fighting trò chơi with various rồng Ball characters. The game was also inspired by other famous titles.Bạn đang xem: tải về dragon ball: tap battle for apk free

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Fight your way through an arena full of strong opponents

If you are a fan hâm mộ of the famous Japanese Manga/Anime – long Ball, you should not miss all the games about it. The above title is one of the best fighting games for you khổng lồ master. It contains all the characters from that famous Manga/Anime, which makes the title itself more amazing.

You may have known about a title named rồng Ball FighterZ. It is the main trò chơi for the series you could play on PC or PS4, Xbox One, as well as Nintendo Switch. Now, it comes with an adaption for Android, which is called dragon Ball: Tap Battle. The chơi game of this title may remind you of two famous games such as Street Fighter và Mortal Kombat. It is also all about fighting off all opponents lớn become the best fighter in the arena. You simply select your favorite opponent then control him while you are in combat. Make sure you perform all of his skills to lớn attack your opponents. At the same time, you have to lớn dodge their attacks, or you will take damage. The one who survives until the over becomes the winner!

What will you experience in rồng Ball: Tap Battle game?

This kích hoạt fighting game provides you with several outstanding features that make it as amazing as other titles:

You have a wide range of characters to choose from, for instance, Goku, Vegeta, Freezer, và Gohan.The controls are quite accurate and you will find them easy lớn play on a thiết bị di động device.You simply need to lớn tap the screen to lớn control your character.There is also a nice energy-recharging system. You can find it easy to lớn refill your energy.The trò chơi allows you to attack your opponents using Kamehameha as well.Each character has a different phối of skills for you lớn use & fight against your opponents.

How khổng lồ Install dragon Ball: Tap Battle APK

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