Guru is a freelancer platform that hosts professionals & groups offering services in nine primary categories. Its interface is fairly simple, although its fee structure can get a little confusing. I’d recommend looking at Fiverr for its ease of use & excellent customer support.

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How is Guru Different?

Many freelancer platforms focus on providing as much choice as possible. Guru’s membership structure for its freelancers, on the other hand, tends to lớn encourage more experienced professionals. It offers a number of different ways of commissioning work, including hourly & milestone-based contracts.

Guru’s flexibility can cause confusion, though. For example, Guru charges each seller a commission on their rate, a standard practice for freelancer platforms – plus a nominal handling fee of 2.9%. However, when quoting for a job, freelancers can opt lớn request that the buyer pay part of that commission fee for them. This is a detail that buyers can easily miss.

Guru’s membership structure tends khổng lồ encourage freelancers to charge higher fees. If you need to hire a professional but you don’t have a huge budget, you should definitely give Fiverr a try. Simple jobs cost as little as $5, & you can choose from a huge variety of freelancers from all over the world.


Freelancers Cross the Borders

Guru has members around the world. Whether you need a local or someone on the other side of the globe, there’s a good chance you can find them on Guru. However, Guru’s popularity seems lớn have waned over the last few years. A lot of buyers và sellers who formerly used the platform have complained about its billing & arbitration processes.

Both long- và short-term contracts are possible on Guru. From single tasks khổng lồ years-long collaborations, the platform can tư vấn whatever working relationship you need. It’s worthwhile reading up on SafePay, which is Guru’s escrow-style shared trương mục for employers and freelancers, as most sellers will prefer to use it.

Guru has been in the market for more than trăng tròn years, standing the thử nghiệm of time when it comes khổng lồ connecting buyers & sellers.


Here Is Where the Magic Happens

Guru doesn’t run contests or use complicated experience points-based rating systems. Instead, it uses a weighted percentage rating for both sellers and buyers. Both parties can post feedback & ratings at the end of a contract. Keep this in mind, as sellers will tend to lớn avoid buyers with low scores.

When you write a job ad for Guru, try to lớn imagine that you’re a freelancer needing information about the job. What would you want lớn know? For example, include the scope of work và any firm expectations like delivery due dates. Don’t showroom direct tương tác information to your ad – this is a big no-no on Guru and can get your account suspended or terminated.

Once you start receiving responses for your ad, you can find a quote that you lượt thích and either accept it, talk further with the freelancer, or negotiate on price & other specifics.


Clear và Simple Navigation

The Guru layout is clean & the navigation is fairly intuitive. Each user has a personalized dashboard that displays a summary of their interactions on the platform. As an employer, you’ll see current contracts, invoices that need to be paid, quotes that are under negotiation, & responses to your job ads.

You can find the most common tasks, lượt thích posting a job or looking for specific freelancers, in the toolbar at the top of the site. More account-specific tasks are available from your profile picture.


We Don’t Want to lớn Talk lớn You

Guru’s Help Center does not feature live chat, so if you lượt thích a speedy và personalized service though, you’re out of luck on this platform. However, it does offer an email-based ticketing system. You can send the customer service team an e-mail via a liên hệ form. Và there is a phone number you can gọi from Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm EST. 

The Help & FAQ section is comprehensive, answering the most common questions that users are likely to have about the service. One thing I liked is that many of the help topics can be toggled between ‘Employer’ và ‘Freelancer’, offering information specific khổng lồ each. 

There’s also a blog. This tackles topics that are a little bit hazier, lượt thích how different freelancers have set up their profiles, or tips for posting a job ad. Guru’s additions seem a little sporadic, but it’s a good source of extra information.

Help & FAQ sectionsEmail supportPhone tư vấn Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm ESTNo live chat


Here’s Where It All Gets Complicated

While Guru’s fee flexibility can come in handy when negotiating with freelancers, it can also cause issues. Newcomers especially tend to lớn find the costs confusing and difficult khổng lồ navigate. 

The platform charges up khổng lồ 9% of a freelancer’s takings. So if a freelancer quotes you $100 for a job, up lớn $9 will go to instead. However, freelancers can include fee-splitting in their quotes. For example, that freelancer might ask that you pay a 5% fee – leaving them still paying a 4% fee themselves. This would mean that your bill for the job would sit at $105 instead.

Then there’s the handling fee. This is a fairly standard payment handling fee, và at 2.9%, it’s not outrageous – other platforms charge more.

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However, you receive a 100% rebate of that fee if you use the eCheque or wire transfer payment methods. Just make sure to check the fees that your bank might charge for these services.