Positions Available:Foreign English TeacherVacancy Number:3

Contract Period: September 1, to June 30 next yearTeaching Subjects: English listening, speaking, reading & writing, breif introduction

to lớn English speaking countries,etc.

Requirements for candidates:

1. Native English speakers;

2.Bachelor's degree or above;

3.At least two years experience in English teaching(teaching experience can be waived

for English/educationmajoror teacher/TESOL/TEFL certificate holders);

Teaching hours: no more than 16 teaching hours per week.

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1. Payment for teaching is 7500-9000 yuan(RMB)or aboveper month,which varies in terms of teacher's education background

and working experience.

2. Round-way international air tickets

3. Luggage transportation allowance 2000 yuan

4. Vacation allowance 1,100 yuan per semester

5. A không lấy phí apartment with the below modern conveniences: internet access, kitchen,

bathroom, furniture, bedding, TV , fridge, and air conditioners. 

6. Medical care for foreign teachers in accordance with China's medical system, except for expenses incurred in registration, doctor's home visits, fitting false teeth, cleaning teeth, undergoing cosmetic surgery, massage, buying spectacles, boarding in hospital và non-medical tonics.During the period of contract, medical expenses of foreign teachers in Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao regions and outside đài loan trung quốc will be covered by himself/herself.

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7. Phone allowance is 200yuan per month.


Sitting Room


Washroom, Bedroom & Kitchen

For those who are interested in the positions, you arekindly requested to tương tác the International Office, Hubei University of Education ASAP. We're looking forward to lớn working with you in a new academic semester.