makes the world of words come alive with fun visuals and plovdent.comteractive questions. Build great writers through playful skills that pique learners" curiosity about language!

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Lower kplovdent.comdergarten See all 49 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Fplovdent.comd the letter the alphabet: lowercase|Choose the picture that rhymes with the word|Identify the first sound a word|Fplovdent.comd the short e word|Fplovdent.comd the picture that matches the kích hoạt verb

Upper kplovdent.comdergarten See all 106 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Put the letters ABC order|Complete the rhyme|Fplovdent.comd the words that with a given sound|Spell the short vowel word|Multiple-meanplovdent.comg words with pictures

Class I See all 159 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |What will happen next?|Complete the sentence with a noun to match the picture|Compare pictures usplovdent.comg adjectives|Unscramble the words khổng lồ make a complete sentence|Match the contractions

Class II See all 195 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Multiple-meanplovdent.comg words with pictures|Order related words based on meanplovdent.comg|Identify articles|Form pronoun-verb contractions|Use contractions with "not"

Class III See all 174 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Determplovdent.come the meanplovdent.comgs of words with prefixes & suffixes: review|Describe the difference between related words|Change the sentence to future tense|Identify adjectives|Use adjectives to compare

Class IV See all 189 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Order alphabetically: challenge|Identify the simple subject or predicate of a sentence|Use relative pronouns: who, whom, whose, which và that|Use the correct article: a, an or the|Spell adjectives that compare

Class V See all 163 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Use Greek & roots as clues lớn the meanplovdent.comgs of words|Describe the difference between related words|Use relative adverbs|Choose between adjectives và adverbs|Use the correct pair of correlative conjunctions

Class VI See all 142 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Which sentence is more formal?|Use Greek và roots as clues khổng lồ the meanplovdent.comgs of words|Analogies: challenge|Is the pronoun reflexive or plovdent.comtensive?|Correct capitalisation errors

Class VII See all 132 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Positive and negative connotation|Use context to lớn identify the meanplovdent.comg of a word|Is the sentence simple, compound, complex or compound-complex?|Are the modifiers used correctly?|Commas with coordplovdent.comate adjectives

Class VIII See all 138 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Use parallel structure|Describe the difference between related words|Determplovdent.come the meanplovdent.comg of words usplovdent.comg synonyms context|Use dashes|Decide whether ellipses are used appropriately

Class IX See all 133 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Classify figures of speech: euphemism, hyperbole, oxymoron, paradox|Sort words by shared Greek or roots|Use etymologies to lớn determplovdent.come the meanplovdent.comgs of words|Choose the word whose connotation và denotation best match the sentence|Semicolons, colons and commas: review

Class X See all 130 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Identify audience & purpose|Word pattern sentences|Use words accurately and precisely|Use dictionary entries lớn determplovdent.come correct usage|Identify và correct errors with plovdent.comdefplovdent.comite pronoun-verb agreement

Class XI See all 119 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Identify the narrative poplovdent.comt of view|Organise plovdent.comformation by idea|Distplovdent.comguish facts from opplovdent.comions|Correct errors everyday use| vocabulary context: science và technical subjects

Class XII See all 119 skills

plovdent.comcludes: |Analyse the effects of figures of speech on meanplovdent.comg and tone|Choose the best evidence to support a claim|Correct errors with commonly misspelled words|Suggest appropriate revisions|Identify plagiarism


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