To protect & empower the

community of independent talent

representatives, & the artists

we serve.

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So many people in our industry live hand khổng lồ mouth, day to lớn day. There are no pensions and no health insurance or retirement plans for indie musicians or the people who tour with and tư vấn them. At least musicians can try to lớn reach out to their audience online for support, but what is a guitar tech to lớn do? What of the drum tech or the sound engineer or the road manager or driver — not lớn mention the promoters, the booking agents, the bartenders? The ripple effects of the world of live entertainment going dark are vast. Let’s shine a light on all the people whose work helps all of our lives khổng lồ be enriched by live music. Let’s support them through #NITO’s advocacy.

Ani DiFranco

The independent heart và soul of art is the lifeline of the music business. From the artists, agents, drivers, and the crews who put the shows on khổng lồ the fans & people who come out breathing big love & energy back into this joyful exchange. The members of NITO are essential khổng lồ this wonderful và hardworking community. Your support of this organization works directly lớn ensure the healthy & exciting return of live music across our nation.

The Avett Brothers

When artists go on tour, our job is khổng lồ take the stresses and worries away from people with our music. Now grounded in lockdown from COVID-19, we ask you to take the stresses and worries away from us.

Big D và the Kids Table

My four decades of being a full-time touring musician have been the fulfillment of a childhood dream, a dream that has suddenly and unexpectedly come to lớn an awakening halt. I’m not alone in this, of course, as tens of thousands of artists, along with the agents, managers, and behind-the-scenes workers who make the live music industry possible, now find themselves without any means of support. Please join me in supporting NITO, thereby helping so many of us who bring our music lớn the world get back to lớn living out our dreams.

Big Sandy

Music is the lifeblood for many: music fans in front of the stage, those who work backstage, và the performers on the stage. NITO is fighting the fight for musicians & all those who make live music happen so everyone the world over may continue khổng lồ enjoy the thrill và joy of hearing music in person.

Chris Smither

NITO is the start of a new beginning and we all want lớn be there! All of us are ready khổng lồ kick start with enthusiasm this great business that drives us all. I would lượt thích to thank NITO for being here khổng lồ help the entire music industry stay on its feet. With your help, I know we will bounce back and be bigger than before! We know your voice will be heard for all of us.

Carl Palmer of Emerson Lake & Palmer

The pandemic has devastated the touring circuit. Here at trang chủ and all around the world. We will need to lớn stick together in order to survive. Live music as we know it is under threat. This includes the bigger venues, the smaller venues, the people who depend on live music from the doorman khổng lồ the sound-man to the service staff. In fact, the whole ecosystem that makes the big wheels roll is coming apart. We don’t know where things are headed. But we have strength in numbers.

Chuck Prophet

Bands, band managers, booking agencies, quảng cáo companies, show promoters, road crew...we all depend on each other, and we"re all fighting for the survival & future of live music. In ordinary times, it"s a tough business. And now, facing this pandemic, it"s crucial that all of the above band together lớn keep our careers và dreams intact & get our voices heard (in Washington and beyond). The Claudettes are thankful for the creation of NITO and look forward to working with all these creative & energized partners.

The Claudettes

The independent spirit that drives the members of NITO is the engine of the live music ecosystem and they are vital lớn the livelihoods of musicians, crews, venue workers & a multitude of other professionals who rely on concerts and tours for income. All of these hard working people and their businesses have been deeply impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic and sadly without federal support, many won’t survive. Without them all of the joy và community that live music offers could be lost. I look forward to lớn the day they can get back to work, so we can get back lớn work, và live music can once again bring us all together. It feels more needed and important than ever.

Conor Oberst, Bright Eyes

Only you know and I know, all the love that we got to lớn show", is a line from a song I’ve been performing live for over 50 years. Please join me in supporting NITO while they help lớn keep that love alive và get our stages open, our bands and crews working, & our communities once again filled with the joy of live music.

Dave Mason: Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2004

When an audience sees a show, what they don’t see is the huge amount of work that happened months and years ahead of time khổng lồ make that concert possible. Our support network has done so much for us over the years, and we’re proud khổng lồ stand with them as supporters of NITO & their efforts to lớn keep independent music professionals afloat for as long as this pandemic lasts.

Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, Tedeschi Trucks Band

As the organization that represents music’s creators, we welcome our new allies at NITO. Artists were among the first lớn suffer from the results of the pandemic & will be among the last lớn recover. As citizens turn khổng lồ music during these troubled times, it demonstrates that music makers must survive và thrive. We look forward to working with NITO as partners in improving the lives of artists.

Harvey Mason Jr., Chairman & Interim President/CEO, Recording Academy

Musicians play music because we need to, on a molecular level. It’s a calling. Music lovers are motivated by a similar instinctual impulse, lượt thích breathing. As our way of life is threatened during this unprecedented crisis, we have to vày all we can to preserve live music. Only by working together can we hope to lớn carry on this sacred mission.

The Iguanas

Having never signed a major label deal or major touring deal, the independent nature of The String Cheese Incident is rooted deeply và celebrated widely through our music, our message, và our live connection with our fans. Our independent management and booking teams started working with us in 1996. It’s with that independent spirit that we can continue khổng lồ have a close và inspired conversation and take action towards realizing our own quality vision of where we want lớn be, và how we are presented khổng lồ our audience. NITO is the next step in organizing our scene within a scene to khung a family of agents, managers, crew & talent that reflects why we wanted to lớn be part of music in the first place.

Jason Hann (The String Cheese Incident)

When my "Shapeshifting Tour" starts up next year it will be because of the tireless efforts of my agent Wayne Forte, my managers, publicists, social truyền thông managers, local và international promoters, travel agents, record company & staff, tour and production managers, sound, lighting & backline crew, truck và bus drivers, freight company, venue owners và staff, my accountants, etc… From the smallest club to the biggest festival they all vị their part in helping me bring my music to lớn you. These good people are an essential part of our local và international community as well. Without them the live music scene will collapse. The current pandemic is mercilessly putting our collective health & livelihoods in great jeopardy. NITO can make our voices heard in Congress và Washington. Please join me in lending your support

Joe Satriani

It’s a long, crooked road between me & the farmer who grows the popcorn. There are many twists & bumps along the way. Without a venue at the kết thúc of the road, none of the turns will be taken & countless lives will be damaged instead of sustained in the journey. Pop the Popcorn. Get Behind NITO.

Jerry Douglas

As a singer và musician for the past 58 years, my livelihood is based on live performances & touring. Without them, my bills couldn’t be paid. The disappearance of these gigs results in both a complete loss of income và my career momentum. My income affects both my agent & manager as well. Until it is safe khổng lồ return lớn venues, it is vital for us all to lớn be compensated.

John Hammond

When I was a Congressman from NY-19, I abstained from voting on bills that could affect my income one way or the other, but as a private citizen I have khổng lồ say this: During this trying time, & in the years to lớn come, live music & all the performing arts are important lớn the mental health of our nation. Many people have commented that music has helped them cope with isolation. Drowned out by the news about billions of dollars going khổng lồ rescue giant corporations is this fact: musicians, agents, managers, sound và light technicians, roadies, và performance venues have all seen their income evaporate. The spinoff into host communities, with ticket takers, ushers, parking attendants, restaurant employees all earning và spending money when concerts happen, has also been halted by Covid.

John Hall of Orleans và U.S. Representative for New York's 19th Congressional District 2007 -2011

“You can watch all the Netflix you want, take walks, bake cakes, try to lớn log onto ZOOM meetings…but what you CAN’T do right now is nói qua the incredible experience of live music in a room full of other like-minded people...all there sharing the same wonderful, transcendent moment together. Having played music professionally my entire life, I’ve watched first hand the countless amounts of musicians, technicians, drivers, promoters & administrative workers who have been pummeled by the events of 2020. Not just financially but also on a personal và emotional level. This is what we do và not being able to lớn go out and do it for the world continues khổng lồ paralyze & hinder the entire music world. Please tư vấn the NITO hotline to action and help save live music!”

Josh Freese, Drummer for Sting, The Vandals, Devo, NIN, Weezer, The Replacements, và A Perfect Circle

Independent music is what has fueled touring bands and cities big & small for decades. Without the ability khổng lồ tour, many thousands of people are without work or financial support of any kind. These are the musicians, the road crews, the people who sling merch, bands who mix up their own equipment, booking agents and managers that have built their businesses from the ground up, fully DIY from the get go. Not corporate, no investors. Like any people in any industry, musicians, crew & the people who take care of them need khổng lồ be supported when the world of music comes to lớn a screeching halt. NITO is here to help make this tư vấn a reality as it is needed now more than ever before.


Live music can be a tough business even in the best of times. Everyone who plays a part in putting on a show knows how fickle it can be; one night is a magical, wild ride while the next can be brutal và cold, but we love it. We vì it for the alchemy that occurs when a whole roomful of people lock in on a feeling và lift the evening into something beyond words. NITO is advocating for all of those rooms, all of the venues and workers, bookers và performers who are a part of making that magic come to lớn life.

Matt Lorenz, The Suitcase Junket

As an independent touring musician and small business owner, protecting my team"s livelihood & the livelihood of every person we work with around the country is imperative lớn our survival. In my opinion, music is essential lớn our mental wellness. Not only is it our responsibility as music consumers lớn advocate and lobby within the government khổng lồ protect every màn chơi of our community, but it is our social duty lớn fight for equality & fair representation within an industry ruled by corporate giants that often swallow small businesses in times of economic crisis. We are essential workers for mental health & well being and we must fight khổng lồ maintain our sovereignty. I support NITO"s advocacy và trust that in these shifting societal times our creativity will blossom and we will all return to lớn our service stronger, united, & empowered lớn co-exist within a system we helped thiết kế that fights for the survival of every job it holds.

Nahko, Nahko and Medicine for the People

The work we bởi is about art & community. We are supported by a network of people pursuing the same end, to make the world a better place filled with music. The work we vày is in jeopardy. We all care about the safety và health of our crew & fans so we are on hold. The work we vày needs help. So many of our comrades are operated by independent agencies lượt thích ourselves. In an effort lớn strengthen the whole, NITO is assembling a united front to lớn urge the government lớn help save music. The work we bởi vì is essential to our hearts. The work we vì needs you.

Paul Hoffman, Greensky Bluegrass

Behind the magic of every live concert we"ve ever performed as musicians, are a team of agents, managers và crew, who work tirelessly for that moment where the musical memories are made that enrich our lives forever. We need a voice in Washington to bring attention lớn the financial void , created by this pandemic, for working musicians and all of the people behind us, who will bring the music safely back lớn us. Our work is essential to lớn the healing we face as a nation. That voice is NITO.

Rita Coolidge

Before there were books, music recorded history. My job as a folk singer is lớn keep the music & history alive. Performers are able to cốt truyện with people a few hours of songs and stories so they will have a respite from the troubles, sorrows và the mundane moments in their lives. There is no greater gift khổng lồ an artist than to hear an audience laughing & singing. Theaters are places of laughter, solace, & reflection. Without those curtained stages the music, the history, the camaraderie and the memories will drift into oblivion.

Roger McGuinn, The Byrds

America needs its independent live music venues! They are vital to lớn its cultural wellbeing. Please support the National Independent Talent Organization in its effort khổng lồ insure that the voice of America"s Roots Music ecosystem is heard in Congress và in Washington during these most uncertain times.

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Steve Forbert

With concerts and festivals on hold for the foreseeable future, the people that bring music to lớn the world need khổng lồ stand together. Live music, an essential element of the human experience, is the glue that holds a community together. It brings us not only entertainment, but also hope and comfort in good times & bad. Please support NITO"s life saving effort on behalf of us all.