Martin Heide, Dean Boothroyd, Emily Van Monger, David Allouf, Takasumi Inoue, Liam Oxlade, Michael Strack, Richard Le (NH Architecture);

Mike Rainbow, Jan Talacko (Ark Resources); John Bahoric (John Bahoric Design); Bryan Chung, Chea Yuen Yeow Chong,

Anna Lee, Amelie Noren (RMIT Architecture Students)

Energy Technologies: flexible mono-crystalline silicon photovoltaic, wind energy harvesting, microbial fuel cells

Annual Capacity: 2,220 MWh

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Lodgers, top submission lớn LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch

By Zhicheng Xu and Mengqi Moon He

brings together composting toilets, reclaimed timber waste, traditional thatching methods using local materials, computational

script-generated parametric design, and native species shelters to provide an environmental education venue, soil replenishment,

sustainable waste management, & habitat enrichment for Fly Ranch

Solar Hourglass, 1st Place Winner LAGI 2014 Copenhagen

Santiago Muros Cortés

Energy Technologies: concentrated solar power (thermal beam-down tower with heliostats)

Annual Capacity: 7,500 MWh

Starlit Stratus, 1st Place Winner, LAGI 2019 Abu DhabiTEAM: Sunggi ParkENERGY TECHNOLOGIES: solar photovoltaic, water harvesting with hygroscopic materialsANNUAL CAPACITY: 2,484 MWh

Beyond the Wave, a submission khổng lồ LAGI 2014 Copenhagen

Jaesik Lim, Ahyoung Lee, Sunpil Choi, Dohyoung Kim, Hoeyoung Jung, Jaeyeol Kim, Hansaem Kim (Heerim Architects & Planners)

Energy Technologies: organic thin film

Annual Capacity: 4,229 MWh

The LAGI 2018 Melbourne publication features 65 submissions khổng lồ the LAGI 2018 design challenge & essays by Jodi Newcombe,

Andrew Dana Hudson, and David Helms. Designed by Schifino Design. Learn more about our publications here >

The Pipe, Shortlisted Submission, LAGI năm 2016 Santa Monica

Abdolaziz Khalili, Puya Kalili, Laleh Javaheri, Iman Khalili, Kathy Kiany (Khalili Engineers)

Energy Technologies: Photovoltaic Panels

Water Harvesting Technologies: Electromagnetic Desalination

Annual Capacity: 10,000 MWh to lớn generate 4.5 billion liters of drinking water

Windstalk, a submission to LAGI 2010 Dubai/Abu Dhabi

Darío Núñez Ameni and Thomas Siegl, with Atelier dna

Energy Technologies: piezoelectric discs, linear alternator

Annual Capacity: 20,000 MWh

Energy Duck, a submission to lớn LAGI năm trước Copenhagen

Hareth Pochee, Adam Khan, Louis Leger, Patrick Fryer

Energy Technologies: photovoltaic panels, hydraulic turbines

Annual Capacity: 400 MWh

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Solar Eco System, a submission to LAGI 2010 Dubai/Abu Dhabi

Antonio Maccà, Flavio Masi

Energy Technologies: photovoltaic panels

Annual Capacity: 1,000 MWh

Art+Energy Camp, Summer 2015, Pittsburgh

This unique six-week summer (2015) camp in the Homewood neighborhood of

Pittsburgh gave trăng tròn kids an education in energy science, climate science, art, design,

and solar nguồn installation. The final outcome was a built solar artwork—Renaissance